Hakka Restaurant Listing

Hakka cuisine has fused with so many different cultures around the world because of the highly migratory and adaptive patterns of the people. The tricky part in making this list has been to determine what exactly it means to be classified as a “Hakka Restaurant”. I didn’t want to limit it to just traditional Hakka cuisine from China because Hakka food encompasses so much more these days. So you’ll see restaurants listed by region and, most interestingly, you’ll notice patterns of what “Hakka Food” has come to be known in each of these regions…from the Indo-Chinese fusion in Canada to the obsession with Yong Tofu (spelled every which way!) in Singapore.

My criteria to make the listing was simple. Either a restaurant had to claim to be Hakka style and/or the owners had to be Hakka. Some might question whether certain places deserve a place in the Hakka Restaurant Listing because they clearly market themselves as being of a different style of cooking. For example, Din Tai Fung, perhaps the most well-known Taiwanese dumpling franchise in the world, is part of my listing because the original co-founder, Lai Pen-mei, is Hakka Chinese. Am I saying Din Tai Fung is indicative of Hakka cooking? Well, no, not exactly. But it is an example of the pioneering spirit and adaptive nature of the Hakka people. And that is what I am trying to accomplish with this website…to promote the Hakka culture through its food.

It’s been an exhausting task to compile a worldwide listing of Hakka restaurants! I’ve done my best, but I know I’m still missing a ton of restaurants out there, especially in Asia, since my search has been limited to what I can do in English. So please help me evolve and edit this list. If you know of a Hakka restaurant that’s not on this list, or if you see any errors, let me know.

So, without further delay, here’s my Worldwide Hakka Restaurant Listing. Click on the region to see restaurants in that area.